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The top 20 SUPER chefs to follow – More than a Twitter-full

By: | November 13, 2012
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We love to watch them on TV. Whether they are getting their “iron chef” on, showing us new recipes (while torturing us with hunger pains) and showing us their personalities when stuff does taste amazing and the times when it doesn’t. Most of these super chefs and others you may not know are also on Twitter sharing what they eat, sharing new recipes and giving you an inside look of their techno-culinary lives.

I compiled this list of top toques based on the following criteria:

  1. Chefs who tweet themselves, and you know it. The tweets are quick, down n’ dirty and sometimes misspelled. But that’s what happens when you are sweating behind the line and playing with sharp knives.
  2. Chefs who interact with their fans and engage.
  3. Who are always posting new recipes, tips and food pictures.
  4. Who share their techo-culinary lives with us. From what inspired them at the market, what they had for breakfast, where they go on vacation. We promise not to #stalk…….

Here’s my top 20 list of SUPER chef’s to follow on Twitter.

David Burke – David’s twitter feed is full of Jersey boy attitude. Not only does David often talk to his fans on Twitter, he often updates us on his travel, so we know which one of his many restaurants he will be at like my favorite David Burke’s Primehouse in da Chi.
Marcus Samuelsson – One of the masterminds behind, Marcus, who is also a judge on Food TV’s Chopped and appeared as a contestant in the Next Iron Chef, gives us the inside look on his favorite eats and guests at his uber-cool Harlem hot spot Red Rooster.
Gaston Acurio – With over 326K followers, Gaston’s “recetuits” in 140 characters or less are inspirational, and worthy of getting a translator. And even if you don’t speak Spanish or have that translator, just look at all of the yummy pictures!
Sarah Grueneberg – Chef Sarah of Spiaggia throws around serious chef love and all around down home Chicago shout-outs when she isn’t busy being a finalist on Top Chef.
John Manion – He’s still new at it, but when you can’t get into the jam-packed west loop newbie La Sirena Clandestina in Chicago, at least you can eavesdrop.
Gordon Ramsey – As long as your don’t undercook the beef wellington or move slow like a donkey, he can be devilishly charming on twitter, and may throw around a darling or two (imagine English accent here, because I have).
Kerry Heffernan – A chef who loves to engage his public – he even wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook.
Mugaritz – The chef team behind this Michelin rated restaurant in San Sebastian tweets the most food-tistic instagrams.
Stephanie Izard – This Top Chef winner is the hardest working girl in cheffie show business, tweets funny stuff about her life on and off the line.
Art Smith – Southern Hospitality meets positive energy with his family stories, do-gooding and pics of his famous Hummingbrid cake.
Chris Consentino – This Top Chef Master winner is just “offally” good.
Fabio Viviani – One of our favorites. This Top Chef tweets a lot, asks questions to his fans, and takes yummy food photos. He is the ingredient in #awesome.
Hugh Acheson – This Top Chef master is just a badass.
Anne Burrell – A fixture on the Food Network, is a rock star in the kitchen, with a huge side of #sassypants.
Francis Lam – Ok not a chef, but this legendary food critic’s tweets raw and uncensored.
Eric Ripert – No introduction needed. Seriously. None.
Anthony Bourdain – Following Anthony is like being a roadie/groupie on his food travels. He is more of a rockstar than most rockstars even.
Andrew Zimmerern – His twitter feed is like “Food Gone Wild”
Jeff Mauro – This sandwich obsessed Food Network Star winner loves to tweet with his fans and share yummy food.
Rocco DiSpirito – Any man that can make a cannoli low fat, is good enough for anyone to follow on twitter.
Amanda Puck

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Amanda Puck is a recognized leader in the social media, public relations and hospitality industries in Chicago as the EVP of XA, The Experiential Agency, and is responsible for the successful blend of traditional and new media tactics. Through her new and emerging media efforts, Amanda takes on the blogosphere and makes valuable connections that generate buzz and revenue for her clients. A food lover first, Amanda was the Managing Partner of Spago Restaurant and also the two-time Emmy Award winning host of “Check, Please” on WTTW Channel 11 for its first two seasons in 2001 and 2002.